Our Dream

Before we opened our storefront we sat down and wrote out our dreams and goals of what we wanted Grounded to be, what we wanted it to represent, and how far we wanted to go. 

Our outlook, a little over a year ago now, involved growth in more than emotions,  more than our store front, but growth in the plants themselves. If you're here right now, you have been touched by our passion and dedication we have in the careers we choose to grow from the ground up.

With this donation you are investing into a dream. It's humbled us to come this far in such a sort time and ask even more of your offerings. We want to keep our hands in the dirt and grow our inventory and also be a grower for other small plant shops as the hours of driving to source plants becomes harder with the rise in gas prices. We need a more controlled environment to house large plants so that we can add beauty to all of Jackson, Tennessee, small and at a larger scale.

With a greenhouse, Grounded will be able to expand to an online market. Having an online market we will be able to have a larger outreach in the rare plant community.  We will be able to self supply our shop and say that all of our plants are locally grown. This will cut down on inventory cost, which means better prices for our customers.  We will be able to provide our installation and maintenance customers better prices on planterior designs. We can partner with local non-profits providing volunteer / employment opportunities to rehabilitate locals into the workforce. 

Right now, we have the opportunity to to kickstart that dream and we need your help. Below is a donation link. It is connected to a savings account for Grounded. All funds will grow our dream, Grounded Greenhouse.